2017 Report to the Public

Re: Gifted and Talented Report to the Public

Date: October 23, 2017 @ 6:00

Total: The Ozark GT program currently serves 103 students in grades 3rd- 12th grade (56 Girls/47 Boys)



General nominations are accepted anytime during the year, but are especially encouraged during April for placement for the following year. Nomination forms are available on our school website or by contacting the classroom teacher or GT Coordinator.



High School (10th -12th) students are served through Concurrent Credit, Secondary Content, AP and Pre-AP courses and monthly meets with GT instructor via meeting and/or email. AP courses follow a prescribed scope and sequence meeting College Board requirements. Both AP and Pre-AP courses are taught by instructors who are trained in providing differentiation for GT students. Students are also encouraged to participate in concurrent credit courses which allow them to receive both high school and college credit at the same time.

Junior High (8th -9th) students are served through Pre-AP and/or Secondary content teachers in the core areas and monthly meets with GT instructor via meeting and/or email. Teachers in these areas have had training in differentiation for GT Students

Middle School (6th-7th) students receive services through secondary content classes and monthly meets with GT instructor via meeting and/or email. Teachers in all the core content classes have received training in providing differentiation for GT students.

Elementary (3rd-5th) students are served through a pull-out program for 150 minutes of direct instruction provided by the GT teacher.

Elementary Enrichment (K-2nd) students are served through whole group enrichment each week. Kindergarten is provided by a certified teacher under the supervision of the GT teacher for 40 minutes/week. Grades 1 and 2 are served for 30 minutes/week by the GT teacher. Lessons are designed around Common Core Standards and GT Curriculum Frameworks from the district’s coop.


Staying Connected with the Community:

Face Book Page - Ozark’s G-Team. Please like and follow our page to see things that are happening with the GT students in Ozark.

There is a GT link under the Departments tab on the Ozark Hillbilly Homepage. (Nomination and Evaluation forms, parent and student resources, GT Rules and Regulations, GT offerings and pictures of activities we do throughout the year are available on the site.)

2016-2017 G-Team Competition Highlights:

. 2nd Place medal in the Elementary Chess Tournament

. 2nd Place medal in the Senior High Chess Tournament

. 5th grade Quiz Bowl Team placed second in the tournament

. A fifth grade student participated in the Duke University Talent Identification Program

. A fifth grade team placed second in the STEM Engineering Challenge at Paris

. 4 of our students at the middle school level poems were chosen for publication in a book titled, "What is the Function of the Heart?"

. Several students attended AEIGIS programs throughout the summer. One went on to play a part in the musical, “ Hamilton.”